5 Reasons Why Jason Hartman Believes You Need to Join a Real Estate Mastermind Group to Boost Your Success
Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investors Network Mastermind
Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investment Network knows that most people have never heard of a thing called a “mastermind group”.

“Many years ago, I read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill. He was the original guy really promoting the idea of the mastermind group,” Jason said at a recent convention, “I call them the modern idea of a county club.” Jason says that country clubs were joined by people who wanted to make good connections with successful, like-minded people, and mastermind groups are no different.

Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investment Network doesn't want experienced, high-quality individuals to go without the experiences, connections, and friendships that can be garnered via a mastermind group. Jason has joined many mastermind groups over the years – let's take a look at why he thinks you should, too.
Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investment's #1 Reason to Join a Mastermind Group: The Relationships
Everyone knows that extending your network is key to success, and mastermind groups are an easy way to go about it.

Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investors Network said, “The main reason that people have joined country clubs over the years... though they're not as popular as they used to be... but people want to be around a concentration of high-level people.”

When you join a mastermind group, your circle is instantly expanded – you've suddenly got a lot more connections and relationships with fantastic, successful people. This can help boost your business dealings, and your life overall. “

You're never going to have access to every deal as a direct investor. You just can't – they're too big for one person.” Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investment Network then goes on to talk about his long-time friend and partner, Steve – not only does Hartman go out for drinks with Steve, but he owns a few apartment complexes with him. “I thought to myself, 'What if I could have a ton of Steves in my life?'”
Jason Hartman Says: Mastermind Groups Help You Gain Knowledge
Mastermind groups allow you to leverage the power of group thinking – what you don't already know can be augmented with the collective intelligence of others, namely successful and experienced people.

Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investors Network describes his own mastermind group as a “network of elite high net worth investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs who have joined together for enhanced investments which are not available to the general public.”

What sort of knowledge can be gained from these elite individuals? Hartman explains that conferring with your new collegeaues on business matters is a sure-fire way to learn new things.

"One of the things that I face is that, almost daily, people are pitching me on 'deals',” said Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investors Network. “It's mind-boggling, the creativity of the deals that people are pitching me on – I get phone calls, emails, I get approached at events, it's just constant. You know, a lot of these things seem hokey, but some of them seem pretty interesting. They're not things that I'm sure enough about that I'd put them on one of my podcasts, like the Creating Wealth show... but they're probably at least worth consideration. One of the things that I think mastermind groups can do is to look at these deals – stuff that's out of the box of ideas that we know work so well – and see if they're worthwhile investments.”
Mastermind Groups Get You Connections, Says Jason Hartman
Jason Hartman, the President of Platinum Properties Investor Network, has been a part of many mastermind groups himself. Over the years, Hartman has made connections with a myriad of successful people, and he's accredited these connections with at least some of his current success.

Mastermind groups are for people that, as Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investor Network puts it, are looking to “elevate their game”. “If you're just looking into buying your first property, a mastermind group isn't for you,” Jason said. 

"If you've been investing for a while, and you've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, this may be exactly the platform you need to make connections to get further.”
The President of Platinum Properties Investors Network, Jason Hartman, Knows That Mastermind Groups Provide Shared Experiences
“The stock and trade of friendships and relationships comes down to one major thing, I think – shared experiences.”

So says Jason Hartman, President of Platinum Properties Investor Network, and he's not wrong – many studies have shown that friendships are born out of having shared experiences that you can later use to start discussion and create bonds.

“I've had incredible experiences, and made these incredible life-long friends, and I really think that these things lend merit to mastermind groups and really make them worthwhile.” Jason went on to say that, “My go-to quote is, 'Invest in places that make sense, so you can live in places that don't make any sense.' One of the reasons we want to live in high-quality areas, is that we want to be around high-quality, successful people. We want our kids to go to good schools, with other smart kids. The same concept of location applies to joining a country club... or a mastermind group.”

One thing is for sure – in a mastermind group, you have many fantastic shared experiences!
Jason Hartman Wants You to Know that Mastermind Groups Set You Up for Success
Lastly, and most importantly, mastermind groups set you up for success in your business life and your personal life. 

Much of this is due to who you'll be spending time with, as Jason points out: “Some of these people (in mastermind groups) are truly the game-changers of planet earth. My mind has been blown, on several occasions, and it's certainly been expanded.” 

Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investor Network knows what it's like to climb from destitution to success, and he credits mastermind groups with helping him climb. 

“I like being successful. I like having money. I grew up poor, and believe me... being poor is no fun. We've all heard people say that money doesn't buy happiness, and I think that's true... but it definitely buys more happiness than being poor does.” 

In the end, joining a mastermind group is your decision, but it's one that will pay dividends in the long run. As Jason said, “You have to ask yourself – 'Ok, am I going to buy a new BMW, or am I going to join this mastermind group filled with people who are out there doing amazing things in the world?'”